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Drosophila serrata is a member of the melanogaster species group (montium subgroup) within the Sophophora subgenus.

Drosophila serrata is, within the Australasian region, the most widespread species of the montium subgroup and occurs in Australia and Papua New Guinea. In Australia it has been recorded as far south as Wollongong (New South Wales) and there is evidence that it is expanding its range. Drosophila serrata is a generalist species that has been collected in most forest and woodland types and even urban environments where some level of native vegetation is present. Drosophila serrata is often collected from the fringes of tropical rainforest, but it rarely penetrates deep into undisturbed tropical rainforest.

Drosophila serrata has emerged as a model for addressing evolutionary questions such as the evolution of species borders, adaptation to climatic variables and sexual selection.

The genome of this species is in the process of being sequenced as part of the "Adaptation to climate change research project", which is funded by a Science & Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) Research grant.

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