Drosophila Species Drosophila birchii


Drosophila birchii is a member of the melanogaster species group (montium subgroup) within the Sophophora subgenus.

Drosophila birchii is restricted to rainforest habitats in northern Australia and Melanesia. In Australia it has been recorded between Bamaga (Queensland) and Yeppoon (Queensland) along the East coast. Drosophila birchii can be collected from the fringes of tropical rainforest as well as deep within rainforests.

Drosophila birchii has been used as a model for testing evolutionary hypotheses about species borders, sexual selection and climate adaptation.

The genome of this species is in the process of being sequenced as part of the "Adaptation to climate change research project", which is funded by a Science & Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) Research grant.

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