Genus Genus Zaprionus


The genus Zaprionus belongs to the family Drosophilidae and is characterized by the white longitudinal stripes across the head and thorax. The genus is subdivided in two subgenera, based on the presence of an even (subgenus Zaprionus) or odd (subgenus Anaprionus) number of white stripes.

Members of this genus can be found in the tropics of most continents. The species of the subgenus Zaprionus are found primarily in Africa, while the species of the subgenus Anaprionus are found in Southeast Asia. Two species, Zaprionus ghesquierei and Zaprionus indianus have expanded their range in recent times. Zaprionus ghesquierei has invaded Hawaii, while Zaprionus indianus has expanded its range though the Middle East towards India and more recently crossed the Atlantic Ocean and colonized both South and North America.

Zaprionus species are found in a wide array of habitats from semi-deserts to tropical rainforests. Most species breed on fruits, flowers or decaying tree trunks.

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