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Biological Adaptation, Evolutionary Impacts of Climate Change, Population and Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics


The Drosophila Genomic Data Collection hosts Drosophila genomes sequenced as part of the Genomic Basis for Adaptation to Climate Change Project, a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, CSIRO and Monash University, funded by the Science and Industry Endowment Program. The aim of this project is to identify the genetic characteristics of species with various capacities to adapt to climate change, test the generality of these signatures across multiple groups and environments, and build this knowledge into predictive models of biodiversity response to climate change. 23 genomes have been sequenced as part of this project. Currently assemblies and annotations are available for Drosophila birchii, D. bunnanda, D. hydei, and D. repleta. Others will be added as the data becomes available.


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Drosophila Genomic Data