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Biological Adaptation
Clinal variation in Drosophila; a signature of climatic adaptation and a resource for adaptive gene discovery, Australian Research Council Discovery Project
Drosophila Clinal Data
Drosophila Genomic Data
Drosophila Species Distribution Data
Body size
Arthur et al. 2008, Investigating latitudinal clines for life history and stress resistance traits in Drosophila simulans from eastern Australia, Journal of Evolutionary Biology
Hoffmann et al. 2001, Levels of variation in stress resistance in Drosophila among strains, local populations, and geographic regions: Patterns for desiccation, starvation, cold resistance, and associated traits, Evolution
McKechnie et al. 2010, A clinally varying promoter polymorphism associated with adaptive variation in wing size in Drosophila, Molecular Ecology
Barker et al. 2009, Bottlenecks, population differentiation and apparent selection at microsatellite loci in Australian Drosophila buzzatii, Heredity