Publication with datasets James et al. 1995, Cellular Basis and Developmental Timing in a Size Cline of Drosophila melanogaster, Genetics


ABSTRACT: We examined 20 Drosophila melanogaster populations collected from a 2600-km north-south transect in Australia. In laboratory culture at constant temperature and standard larval density, a genetic cline in thorax length and wing area was found, with both traits increasing with latitude. The cline in wing area was based on clines in both cell size and cell number, but was primarily determined by changes in cell number. Body size and larval development time were not associated among populations. We discuss our results in the context of selection processes operating in natural and experimental populations.


  • 20 James et al. 1995, Thorax length and wing traits

    This data file contains means and 95% confidence intervals of thorax length (mm), wing area (mm2), wing cell area (┬Ám2) and wing cell number (thousand trichomes) for 20 Drosophila melanogaster locations collected at 13 latitudes in 1993. These traits were measured for females and males and for two experiments (extracted from Fig. 2&3). Note longitudes in data are approximate.

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