Publication with datasets Schiffer & McEvey 2006, Drosophila bunnanda-a new species from northern Australia with notes on other Australian members of the montium subgroup (Diptera: Drosophilidae), Zootaxa

Drosophila birchii, Drosophila bunnanda, Drosophila jambulina, Drosophila kikkawai, Drosophila serrata and montium subgroup


ABSTRACT: An unknown Drosophila montium subgroup species was collected on Cape York Peninsula in 1992, a live culture of the same species was established from flies collected in the vicinity of Lake Placid near Cairns in 2001. From these specimens we now have sufficient information to describe a new species-Drosophila bunnanda. It differs morphologically from the four other montium subgroup species already known from northern Queensland-D. serrata, D. birchii, D. kikkawai, and D. sp. cf. jambulina, and from one very similar species-D. dominicana-known from Papua New Guinea. Molecular data support the taxonomic findings. Additional information and a key for all Australian montium subgroup species is provided to allow clear differentiation between them and D. bunnanda.


  • 204 Schiffer & McEvey 2006 Montium distribution

    This data set contains distributions of Australian members of the montium subgroup (Drosophila bunnanda, D. serrata, D. birchii, D. kikkawai and D. sp. Cf. jambulina). Distribution data are available for 122 locations that were sampled between 1924 and 2005 and data are based on records in the literature, collections made by the authors and specimens in the Australian Museum (Figures 16-20).

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